About us

Eco Mammas is a project promoting natural, ecological and respectful childcare and upbringing. The various aspects of our lives are closely intertwined and affect each other. Therefore, natural childcare is a 360 degrees approach, which includes breastfeeding and family sleep, infant feeding, safe attachment, understanding of child's needs according to their age and other topics.

We have purposefully chosen to provide uniform and comprehensive information on all childcare aspects through the prism of ecological care. An approach that is in line with natural and human processes reaches the greatest potential for child's health and wellbeing. Natural childcare provides answers on how to understand the needs of babies and children, and meet them according to their physiological and psychological characteristics at each age.

In the first years of life, child's psychological characteristics change dynamically and can cause challenging times for young parents in their daily care for children if they are not aware of child's needs and interpret them without seeing the real root cause for changes in their wellbeing and behavior. With us, you can learn more about natural child care and find answers to practically all your questions, thus adjusting your daily childcare and making your life with children knowledge-based and harmonious.

Julia and Julia

Who we are?

Julia Vanka

When it comes to children, my eyes light up. To the depths of my heart, I am convinced that the first months and years of child's life in various ways will affect the whole life of this person and determine the quality of it. That is why I am so happy to help mothers and babies understand and enjoy their time together, providing quality foundation for the future. Knowledge gives confidence and peace, so I pursue educating myself and gladly share knowledge with families in webinars, consultations and on our Instagram blog

Julia Melngaile

Once my son Jurgis arrived, I got curious and researched information on how to decode my baby's language. I started organizing his daily care according to the sleep-wake rhythms, arranged life by integrating the little one into my activities, observed age specific characteristics and I was amazed at how much he enjoyed it. It inspired me to learn everything I could find about natural childcare to share and increase this harmony. I am now eagerly educating other parents about natural childcare, and I am so happy to see results of private consulting sessions, as I see the quality of family lives changing.