We support parents with quality information on natural childcare for children aged 0 to 3 years, providing advice on:
Breastfeeding: successful initiation of breastfeeding, changes in it according to the child's age, problem solving (grip, latch, milk duct congestion, pumping, etc.), as well as gentle weaning.
Sleep: sleep of newborns, infants and children, safe family sleep organization according to the needs of child, problem solving at the root cause.
Nutrition: introducing solid foods, promoting healthy appetite and solving mealtime issues
...and other childcare related topics. 

Choose your session
- online: worldwide via WhatsApp or Telegram video call

The price of a private session depends on its duration:
Up to 15 minutes - 25 EUR. This online mini-consultation is suitable for discussing child's transition into their bed, encouraging to crawl, gentle potting training or an another brief question.
Up to 30 minutes - 45 EUR.
Up to 45 minutes - 70 EUR.
Up to 60 minutes - 90 EUR.

After consultation, we continue to support you for a few more weeks through correspondence to answer any questions that arise when implementing our recommendations.


Breastfeeding is not a problem anymore!

Luckily I did not have any health problems but every time I nursed I felt anxious. I felt that I did everything possible, but still pacifier started to be a part of our everyday life. After your lectures I regained confidence in breastfeeding and left the pacifier aside. It was such a gentle transition that my child didn’t even ask for it. It was so natural and actually simple. Key to success was in my head and with exclusive breastfeeding other problems disappeared as well. People around me can't stop asking why is my son so calm and smiling all the time? My newly regained confidence and attitude was positively impacting my son. I'm so proud that I could become a best mom possible for my child. Thank you for sharing such important knowledge! It eases minds of many moms!